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Product and Marketing Localization ONE
Content Provision: We have experienced native speakers translating the linguistic content of games, apps, websites, product descriptions etc. against the product context, and conduct full-process operational testing to ensure games, apps, websites, UI, text and voice-overs are completely localized.
Social Media Marketing: Tailored local promotion of original and transcreational content on Douyin(known as TikTok outside China), Kuaishou(referred to as Kwai in overseas markets) and other social media platforms.
Product Testing: By high-quality, full-process product testing, we can fix bugs and visual defects, refine and fine-tune every aspects of the product to better adapt it to local users, therefore improving user experience.
Technical Translation TWO
We set up translation memory database and terminology database to achieve consistent terminology and straightforward localization for instruction files, guidance and scientific articles.
Multimedia Localization THREE
Nonverbal Localization: Aside from verbal translation. we offer integrated localization solution includes page design, pictures and videos. We can make it much easier for your website or mobile product to enter the local market.
Video Voice Over: We provide interpretation, subtitling and voice over service for important conferences on cutting-edge technologies and medicine, as we have linguists with relevant professional backgrounds. We also provide voice over for games.We choose voice over according to character personalities and game storylines, using character voice to adapt your product to a given target language and culture.

02Onsite Staffing

Onsite Staffing Support
We dispatch personnels with different backgrounds based on the feature and requirement of the project. We can quickly build a team of local per-sonnel to work onsite in client’s team. Onsite staffing enables instant response and maximizes service efficiency.
Remote Support
For intractable issues that may arise from a project, our remote professional team can provide a strong support base for onsite specialists to ensure a smooth execution for the project.
Human Resource Management
We undertake legal obligations of personnel dispatch, including recruitment, training and management, which can considerably lower the admin-istrative cost for our client.

03Compliance Review

ONE Compliance Review and Integrated Solution
With a deep understanding of the cultural trends, local laws and regulations in Asian countries and regions, as well as familiarity with the process and risks of cultural products and services entering the area, we are able to provide a integrated solution, which includes both legal and marketing services, to help our clients enter the local market quickly and safely.
Avoiding Language and Cultural Taboos TWO
Our translators and editors are all native speakers who have lived in the local area for years. They can keenly identify language trends against local habits and taboos, therefore helping our client choose appropriate expressions and visual design which are close to local culture and avoid cultural missteps, creating an immersive user experience.
Cultural Analysis and Market Research THREE
We use multi-dimensional data analysis to research and identify the product and its promotion strategies, furtherly provide lo-calization and marketing strategies for customers' products to enter the local market.